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  • We search the UK’s top insurers to find your cheapest quote

    Tradesurance is one of the largest life insurance brokers in the UK. We compare all the major providers as well as some smaller specialists, always keeping things simple for you. Our services are free and without obligation and we always try and find you the cheapest price.

  • We’ll help you when others can’t

    Many people think they can’t get life insurance. We have a specialist team who help you understand what you need and do all the hard work for you. We find cover for over 60% of people who have been declined life insurance before.

  • We’ll treat you like family

    Life insurance is all about family. So are we. When you speak with us you’ll find we won't talk down to you or blind you with jargon. We’re motivated only by what's best for you and those closest to you.

  • We’ll help you through the claim process

    We only use insurers with very high pay-out rates on claims. We also provide a claims handling service to ensure that if you ever do need to claim on your policy that we will help you or your loved ones through the process and receive the life insurance pay-out as quickly as possible.